Posted by: bubblyblonde | December 6, 2010

Over Two years later after Surgery

Well it has been a long time since I have updated this blog so I saw it the other day and thought I should leave an update!

It is now over two years later and I have lost 135 pounds! It is crazy to me to see how easy this was at times but how much I have given up as well! Bread and heavy meats are no more and there are times that things I loved in the past no longer look good to me! Crazy how something you have ate all your life no longer is interesting. I guess when they said the Lap-Band was a life style change you really have no idea how true that is. I am still loosing weight but at a small rate because I think I am adding more muscle now as I do kickboxing three days a week! Which is another thing I do for me and enjoy but NEVER would have done at my past weights!

Thank you to all that have walked and are now running with my on my journey!! My husband Derek is the best support any woman could have and I love him more then anything!


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