The First week after Surgery Total of 24 pounds LOST!!

Okay looking back on this week it has gone by so fast and so much has happened!!! I have started a new chapter in my life and myself and people that know me are all very excited to see the pages turn.

This week I have not been hungry at all with all the gases and swelling inside but I am now exactly a week to the day of my surgery day and I am starting to feel great!! I have been on liquids all week after surgery and Still no hunger even to the point where I forgot to have a protein shake for dinner last night!!

WHAT FAT PERSON FORGETS TO EAT???? Look how already my life is changing I forgot to have a meal for god sakes!!! So I am very excited what the Lap band is offering me right now with my new life and I am going to take advantage of all of it!!!

 I am still trying to recover is why I think I am not thinking of food but I did want to taste it the other night after I made my kids a home made pizza so I did!!! I took a couple of bites and chewed it as long as I wanted and then spit it in the garbage disposal and watched it go down the drain it was good pizza but not worth me giving up how far I have come by swallowing it!!

Well today was the big one week way in for me and drum role please ……………Lost 13 pounds!!!!! I have lost a total of 24 pounds today including the pre op diet that is almost my three year old LOL

I am still a little achy where my incisions are but I know it will get better and I am excited to see the next few months!


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