Posted by: bubblyblonde | November 4, 2008

Two months down and a lifetime to go!!!

Yesterday was two months on the dot since I had my Lap band Surgery!!

How do I feel?? normal as I did before surgery but I have alot more energy to get things done and run after the kids!! I get alot of compliments from people I work with on how great I look as well. Did I look bad before?? NO just fatter 🙂 As of this morning I am weighing in at 300 pounds which is great but I would like to see myself under 300 pounds and closer to 250 by Christmas!!

I get that hungry feeling in the morning but I never get that full feeling they talked about before surgery. So my band is only half working my doctor said so I need a fill to get that full feeling to back away from the food!!

I had my first fill on October 20th with Dr Woodard and it was alot different then I thought he couldn’t find the port openning so ended up sticking me with the needle four times which was a little uncomfortable. I got the magic fill they talked about and I didn’t feel any different then before. I can still eat anything I want and never get full but I am staying the same and not gaining weight.

As I told the doctor when I called if I could live in will power i wouldn’t need the lap band!! I need the lap band as a tool to say hey stupid push away from the table. I called and rescheduled another fill for November 10th and I hope that will kick start the weight loss again as I would like to be smaller for Christmas so we can get a family picture done!!

Will keep you posted



  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. We talked on the Lap bandTalk site. Did Dr. Woodard have you stay overnight in Oswego?

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