Posted by: bubblyblonde | September 29, 2008

Well it has been almost four weeks since Surgery!!

Well as far as weight loss goes I am down to 304.6 and to see on the scale I will soon be under 300 pounds is amazing to me!! My next goal is to be 225 pounds which is how much I weighed before my first child was born in 2003 and then 215 which is how much I weighed when I was married back in 2002!!! I think Goals are great I have never tried to set that many weight loss goals in my past as they NEVER have been hit except the month before I got married and I needed to fit in the dress I bought and I was NOT going to let that sucker out!! LOL

I have been exhausted the past two weeks with one thing after another being sick, sinus infection and now pneumonia with bronchitis!! The doctor says my immune system is probabley not back where it should be as of yet because of surgery. So I am fighting through all this!! I feel so much better today now that I am on steroids,inhalers and the third phase of antibiotics!! I will survive and live another day 🙂 Damn it I will live longer then that as I am starting to get all this energy I have things to do and places to see 🙂



  1. well it sounds like everything is going well. Good luck with 225, I hope you reach it!

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