Posted by: bubblyblonde | September 5, 2008

Sept 4th 2008- First day home after surgery!!

We arrived home and I situated myself on the couch where I was close to all the action! The kids and Derek were amazing I couldn’t have done this with out them. They were all so caring and helped out with my every need from breathing treatments and getting me crystal light to even letting me get my rest.

I sipped crystal light during the day and had my protein shake for lunch but still didn’t feel hungry yet. I had some chicken broth to mix it up a little also have sugar free fudge pop, non fat yogurt and V8 Diet splash if I needed it but the crystal light was fine with me.

How was I feeling?? A little sore and of course like I had swallowed an air tank. My tummy felt as tight as trying to squeeze a 10 pound bag of crap into a five pound bag and the gassy feeling was horrible!!! I tried to keep walking as much as I could but no relief yet. The incisions sting a little but no pain like I thought I would have. They sent me home with Vicadin and I haven’t used it except at night to make sure I can get some sleep as trying to get comfortable seems to never happen.  

The Great thing is I am not hungry at all!!!


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