Posted by: bubblyblonde | September 3, 2008

The Day of Surgery Sept 3rd 2008

Well Surgery was scheduled for 8am on the 3rd so we needed to be at the hospital at 6:10 for all pre-op. I was up at 3am with stomach pains I guess I was more nervous then I thought I was as I was up until we left the house at 5:15am and had to make a stop at a Burger king on the way to use there bathroom before I even got to the hospital and then went two more times when I got there. So lets just say my stomach was REALLY empty before surgery 🙂

Got to the hospital and weighed in at 331lbs and then started all the pre op. Got my pretty gown and IV and of course something to steady my stomach for surgery which helped. 🙂 They gave me a little shot to my IV line and everything else after that I had to get from my husband as I remember nothing until I woke up after surgery.

I woke up and they gave me that nice WARM blanket that is like your mother after a bad day at school back in your youth that just makes everything better.

They took me up to my room where I moved myself from the gurney to my new home for the next day and and a half so I knew it wasn’t going to be too bad. I shared my room with a nice older Polish lady that spoke no English but that was fine we could communicate with a smile and a nod and that worked for both of us. I had an IV in my arm and oxygen in my nose and of course my sassy white compression stockings that looked so nice with by hospital gown. It was like a flash forward to myself in a nursing home in another 60 years!!!

I was in the room by 12:30 and was eating ice chips to get that cotton feeling out of my mouth it was so dry it hurt to breath. So those first sips of water and ice chips were like the gates of heaven to a sinner. But I had to wait to sip the water until I went down to Xray

In Xray about 1:30 I watched the most amazing thing. They had me take a few drinks of a NASTY fluid and watch it go down to my Lap band. At first it looked like it was not going to my stomach so they waited about five minutes and had me drink the chalky white fluid which was worse then the last and then you could see it go down and into my stomach which was just crazy!! Well the band was a sucess and it was working and I felt no different then before except when I tried to stand or god forbid had to sneeze or cough.

By 3:00 I was walking laps around the nursing station trying to get rid of that gassy preasure in my tummy that made me feel like I was waiting to explode at any minute they said the walking would help that and also help prevent blood clots in my legs so I walked!!

I was then on clear liquids for the remaining stay at the hospital and that first taste of Chicken Broth was like Thanksgiving dinner in my mouth even thou I was not hungry at all they said I needed to take in some liquids so I did!! I was walking,drinking and using the bathroom after only a few hours out of surgery and was very excited about that. I had no pain at all at this point but only pressure I prayed I could get rid of ASAP!!

I was released from the hospital Sept 4th at 12:30 and felt pretty good just knew I couldn’t sneezy,cough,blow my nose or even spit out tooth paste with out severe pain to my stomach and on the way home found out the car ride over bumps and railroad tracks were not my favorite either.


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