Posted by: bubblyblonde | August 29, 2008

Long weekend and no shortness of food!!!

Well I was at a conference in Chicago this week and tried my best to be good!!! I did very well for the most part and did alot of walking that should offset the bites I took that I could have done with out!!

I cut out the girly drinks “Martinis” for bottles of water so that saved me some calories and then I passed up the Cheesecake which was VERY hard for me as I LOVE it, for healthier choices of steamed pot stickers and greek salad. I did have a chicken wrap and salads at different meals but I think the thing I feel the worst about is the bread I ate. I am so torn as I really want to stay on the diet as my operation is a week away but then part of me is this is your last chance before the opeartion as you may not get to eat that again!!

I am doing my best to stick with the low carb and fat items and lots of salads to replace my meals with the protien shakes 🙂 Some days are better then others but I need to be focused and get ready to begin the next stage

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