Posted by: bubblyblonde | August 21, 2008

10 Pounds Down and only 172lbs to go!!!

I lost another 4 1/4 pounds today on week two!! Total now is at 10lbs in two weeks!!! I am eating between 600-800 calories a day on the diet and the crazy thing is with these protien bars I am not hungry at all!! This weekend is going to be tough thou as I have a conference this weekend and you know there will be food galore and I am talking great food at the Chicago Hyatt!!! I will just have to be strong as I only have two more weeks to loose 10 more pounds for the surgery. Dr Woodard says with my BMI being so high he would like to see me loose at least 20lbs before surgery so I am half way there!! My Husband Derek is being very supportive he only has 25 pounds to loose but he is so wonderful by eating and making salads with me and trying to stay on my plan!! Thank you DEREK for being so supportive!!! I LOVE YOU!!

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