Posted by: bubblyblonde | August 19, 2008

Lap Band Pre-Op Appointment Completed!!

I had my Pre-op Appointment with Dr Woodard yesterday August 18th 2008 and we are set for the Lap Band surgery on September 3rd!!! I was approved for surgery by Blue Cross on August 8th after two months of tests and doctor visits. I have started the Pre-Op Diet on August 4th and have lost 6 lbs so far and need to loose 14lbs more before surgery.

I am of course the heaviest I have ever been in my life and have looked at my wonderful kids and do not want them to loose a parent sooner then they should as I felt I did with my father.  I have chosen to have the Lap Band surgery this year on March 8th 2008 so I can be healthier and LIVE life which is when I went to my first 4 hour seminar and now 5 months later my dreams are becoming a reality!!

I gained 30lbs with my daughter Taylor in 2003 and gained over 60lbs with my daughter Haley in 2005 and never lost the weight after several diet attempts of loosing 20lbs here and there and then gaining it back plus some.  As of today I weigh a massive 336lbs after loosing 6lbs this week. I never wanted to be over the 200lb mark let alone the 300lb mark so this has been a very hard thing for me to swallow but obviously the only thing I have a problem swallowing 🙂 or I wouldn’t look like this. So I am taking control of my life from this day forward.

I am a very bubbly and outgoing person no matter how much I weigh and I will be even more outgoing when I am 181 pounds lighter!!! So join me for my Journey and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I will!!

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